18 septembre 2010

A new tool allowing to gather testimonials and leverage your social media efforts

@ Dailog Solutions, we're very proud to annouce the launch of Dialogfeed. As Alexandre Vandermeersch, author of the product, says, "it is a simple tool boosting conversion rates through testimonials gathered on social networks. During our consumer research, we stumbled upon the fact that most people today will do some sort of "due diligence" before trying a new service (e-commerce or any web site with registration). They will check its credibility: are people happy, does the company deliver, etc?

Testimonials are a great way to achieve just that - it's simple customer endorsement. But they won't work with a copy/paste (people want to see the source, and a face). And it's easy to get them on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter but where you need them most is where you convert new visitors: the brand's or company's web site.

With Dialogfeed, you simply put your Facebook and Twitter brand account name and off you go: you get a single feed in which you can highlight most relevant testimonials (they go to the top of the feed). Plus you can send message from the site, hide irrelevant messages or spams, etc... As a result, conversion rates get boosted (Razwar.com, e-commerce company selling shaving products, got a boost of about 25% in conversion rates). 

I think it is a nice & smart way for young companies or  companies providing new services to showcase their community, which is nowadays a great asset to have."

As we do  not plan to rest o our Laurels, we would appreciate your feedback for further improvements and new functionalities. We've got plenty of ideas but we're at the core. We'd like to get feedback from the edges.

So spread it around, talk about it. It reminds me of the good old times working on P&G and looking for third party endorsement in their ad campaigns.Today, more than ever people are looking for what their peers think. Be it at the initial consideration set or at the evaluation stage or during the shopping process, consumers are still infuenced and the main source of influence is Word of Mouth.

DialogFeed is a simple tool that allow you to highlight nice feedback but also discusssions your company might have with a more critical customer. 95% of the consumers don't want to talk but want to see what others say: the influentials, the lead users.

Don't miss that opportunity. Access testimonials. Attract and highlight your best ambassadors.

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