10 avril 2010

Mobile phones and social media

Interesting graph here showing that mobile users are greater addicts of social media than non-users.
It makes sense. While being on your way alone in your car or public transport one gets easily bored. Best thing to do is to connect with others.
I'm mostly on  facebook while being stuck in traffic jams. Minister Van Quickenborne does the same as he did confess during the opening of the new Google office in Brussels. But he has a driver. In public transport we've got one too. 
As I said once, the facebook logo is the symbol of this century reminding us that human beings are social animals.  They want to connect and stay connected.
Multi-taskers are not demonstrating that some of us can do many things at the same time, they are just connecting and siconnecting faster. Ans that's a big challenge for brands in the future. People shopping around, mixing brands ansstyle are just connecting an disconnecting faster. Brands need to be even stonger therefor. If you feel your brand should behave like a human being and become your customers best friend, act accordingly, go social and be mobile  but build everything around a strong brand building idea.
Here is the graph: http://www.flowtown.com/blog/how-are-mobile-phones-changing-social-media

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