13 octobre 2010

Who owns a brand? Gap shows the Power of reversed markets lie coca-cola did experience it

Years ago, long time before the birth of social media, the CocaCola cy tried to lunch a new coke. They had to sep back and keep the classic and beloved one In front of the public's reaction In the réal world.
Last Week, Gap decided to change it's logo. The kind of decision that is often taken into a boardroom while it's losing vision.
I don't know what was Gap's motivation, but it's quite clear that the public doesn't want it. Before you touch your brand, try to involve and engage with the lead users amongst your clients, they will help you finding and selling the most relevant decision. Once involved, they will commit and act as ambassador. Gap missed a chance and wasted money whist isn't praised in a recession. Digg made the same mistake. 
Read the article below and tell me what you think.
Gap, Digg.com: How to Respond to Critics

Back in August, social news aggregator Digg.com redesigned its service. The makeover was met with near-universal backlash, ...

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