29 mai 2010

Do you want another proof that consumers are ahead of companies ? Apple is worth more than Microsoft.

Two days ago  the New York Times did publish this article NYT : Apple is worth $227 billions and Micrsoft is $226 billion worth. Not a huge difference one might say. Indeed but
- 10 years ago, Apple was considered as almost dead
- 2 years ago, Steve Balmer came to Louvain La Neuve ans said that marketers were trailing far behind consumers. Hisown company is now trailing behind the one that better meets and more focuses on consumers.
These numbers show that consumers are really taking the lead. Apple produces products for the consumer. Microsoft targets companies. Who's worth most ?  The one that follows and meets the needs of the consumer as closely as could be. Technology is evolving in function of the daily life of the consumers around the globe.
Nothing new therein,would  say a marketer in FMCG. FMCG have always anticipated the needs and desire of their consumers. Yep. But with a lot of failures. 60% of new product fail in their infancy.
I think we've got a lot to learn from the consumer and technology companies, because the way consumers embrace technology will affect the way we market products.The purpose of a business is to make and to keep a 4563450371_1b8060eced.jpgcustomer. Statistics show that companies lose 50% of their customers every 5 years. Are we really good in our way of doing business ? Aren't we forgetting that making and keeping a client is all about relationships? Now the fun thing is that almost every new technology embraced by individuals is about building relations, finding and passing links.
I'll come back to this in another article insipred by the pediatrist B.Terry Brazelton. How the hell could a pediatrist help a marketer. I'll tell you later. Just know that Brazelton did create acenter called "touchpoints". As an introduction I recommend you to read  a post from Rob Hatch, a colleague of Chris Brogan (http://bit.ly/dmf5MH). That article led me to review Brazelton with the help of my wife a psychologist who used to work in the ad business

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