01 avril 2010

Is digital paying off ? Attend the BMMA Seminar, Dialog Solutions will be there

What is the impact of Digital technology on the value chain of a company here in Belgium ?
We'll review the digital impact in terms of cost reduction and value creation with outstanding guest-speakers and some surprising initiative like Razwar.com attacking the duopoly of Gillette and Wilkinson or Dialog Solutions who encourages company to start conversing on a permanent basis with communities outside the company in order to enrich every part of their value chain.
Deutsche Bank, ING, Belgacom, Ogone, Coca-Cola, Oracle and Minister Cerexhe will debate. Come and join them, you'll have a chance to enter into dialog with key players and innovators.

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22.04.2010 ... LE NUMERIQUE EST-IL R.O.I. ?

Une thématique en forme
de question, qui annonce déjà la couleur de ce deuxième séminaire de la BMMA consacré au numérique !



1/ La Recherche & le Développement de produit, et l’exploitation du data mining
2/ Marketing et la Communication
3/ Vente et la Distribution
4/ Le meilleur du web 2.0 pour chacun des axes et le End to End External Engagement

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Welcome on Patrick Willemarck's blog

I'm the founder of Dialog Solutions.
On this blog I want to share views and opinions about business and more specifically about Brands, Consumers, Marketing, market research, innovation, loyalty, etc., all those business aspects that are deeply affected by social media.
Every company shouldn't be present on every social media network. but every company is becoming porous to the outside world and has therefore to become both social and media.