09 octobre 2010

Mercedes Recalls 85,000 Cars for Steering Problem. After Toyota and BMW, are the worldwide most reliable cars dysfunctionning or is it just their marketers?

After Toyota and recently BMW, the famous most reliable cars seem to suffer from serious dysfunctions. Is this going to affect their image? Tracking on Toyota shows it won't. As far as BMW is concerned, its reliable image seems afected but everybody praised the recall of potentially deficient cars. The same thing will happen with Mercedes and, at the end, the three car makes will end up with a stronger image as before because it's going to be a relationship built on TRUST.  Trust is the cement of any relationship. Mercedes, BMW, Toyota use social Media to Be transparent and gain trust. Consumers are employees . They know no company's perfect. They doubt about those claiming they are. Brands are lie humang beings, none is perfect but those we love are the ones who care and stay humble.

Mercedes Recalls 85,000 Cars for Steering Problem
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