18 mai 2010

Chiquita, thé transformation of a company@BMMA

The Renaissance of an old brand by acting as David against Goliath with intelligence and focus. A great brand, a small company, recently endorsed by a venture with Danone. All the guys active in Europe under leadership of Michel Loeb, come from large fmcg multinationals. Were they frustrated out there? Who knows? What Patrick shared at bmma is that they worked hard but had fun watching the results. They also learned the though mission of having to sell bananas as soon as they were ripe otherwise they'd be out of business. Imagine the mess in the plants and on board of the ships carrying them to Antwerpen . They decide to reinvent the business and sell healty snacks and fruity smoothies made out of bananas. Somewhere they focused on the idea of Y&R brussels, back in 80's: "chiquita, mother nature's snack" but instead of launching oranges, as they tried in the 80's(without any control on the quality delivered, some were juicy, others were sweet or bitter,...) they developped new products, new distribution channels with one focus: fresh fruits made conveniently available. Danone didn't miss them, you shouldn't either.
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