03 avril 2010

Is iPad targetting the wrong consumers ?

According to this article in The Guardian, Sarah Rotman from Forrester Research claims that Apple wouldn't sell more that 3 millions iPad in 2010 and that in the same time e-readers would sell twice as much.
As said in this video from Comedy Central, the large newspapers like WSJ, USA Today, see in the iPad an potential laptop killer.
I don't know. I'm leaving to San Francisco next week and I'll try to bring one back and share my experience with you.
I believe Forrester is wrong. I believe both are wrong. It's not a laptopkiller, it's a new format. I believe it's designed for home and the whole family and it will circulate amongst the members at least at the beginning. A good news in a world were technology has led people towards more and more individualism. In this case the home, the nest will be allowed to connect together and with the rest of the world : home sweet home is back and will be embraced.   So, to some extent, Forrester is right, Apple targets the wrong consumer. But there where they're wrong is when they consider the mainstream consumer as a  dummy. He's no longer. Books for dummies have massive success amongst early adopters too. In every single family there is an innovator or early adopter who's gonna teach the others how to handle this new tool which like every Apple will be very convenient and easy to handle with a bit of common sense.
iTunes did familiarize people with the App store. iTouch and iPhones have trained them to other applings. The adoption curve works very well for Apple because they know how to make it work for them. Something that analysts and even many mass-marketer do forget.
I hope the next six months will proof I'm right.
If you want tho laugh 3 minutes, here is the introduction of the iPad at Comedy central. The presentator will show you the first Newsweek cover without Obama with a back cover promoting Kindle. Not a joke.
Watch iPad's introduction in the Colbert report at comedy central.

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