31 mars 2010

Brand Buttlers are the future and the quest for Superior Value of Use becomes mandatory

Enjoy the latest briefing from Trend Watching, it's full of examples demonstrating that without serving there won't be any selling anymore.
The examples they give illustrate that many companies are finally considering that the suresafest way to deliver shareholder value starts with the delivery of what I did call, in my first book, The Superior Value of Use for the customers, the end-users. There are plenty of surveys demonstrating that even happy customers are no longer loyal. A company loses 50% of its customers every five years, in average. Most of them were happy. Client satisfaction is no longer paying off. Customers want to be delighted. This means that brands have to look at ways of helping them enjoying their daily life while using their products or services. This means that, as marketer, we've got to put our acts together. For years we've been telling people that our brands had a personality, well now, let's bring it to life like Pinocchio...but in reality.  There where some of us claimed that brands were people too and should become their client's best friend...it's time now to face reality : these were nice thoughts but not very engaging. Today, brands have to act as their user's best friends. And what people expect from friends is transparency, listening abilities, being there, caring...We've got the means to be our customers' best friends. What keeps us from caring ? Fear ? Time ? Vision?
Look at the examples below as a source of inspiration.

Check out trendwatching.com's new, April Trend Briefing, featuring BRAND BUTLERS, including 50 trend examples. All yours!

April 2010 Trend Briefing: BRAND BUTLERS


From consumers yearning for service and care, to the burgeoning mobile online revolution: everything seems to be in place to turn BRAND BUTLERS into one of this year's most important marketing trends.

Read our new Trend Briefing to find out about the drivers behind BRAND BUTLERS, and how to apply the many insights. Plus learn from more than 50 trend examples from brands already capitalizing on BRAND BUTLERS. All yours! More >>>

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Reinier Evers
founder, trendwatching.com


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